17 Sep 2020

Eloquent Performance: Multiple counting using one single select

If you take a look at the posts table, you'll see that there is a status column which indicates the status of the post:

  • draft
  • moderation
  • published

And let's say that we want to count all the statues.

Normally we'd do it as follows:

$draft = Post::where('status', 'draft')->count();
$moderation = Post::where('status', 'moderation')->count();
$published = Post::where('status', 'published')->count();

What if I tell you that you can do it in one single query? 😄

    ->selectRaw('count(IF(status = 'draft', 1, null)) as draft')
    ->selectRaw('count(IF(status = 'moderation', 1, null)) as moderation')
    ->selectRaw('count(IF(status = 'published', 1, null)) as published')

In the next post, I will discuss the LIKE operator, and how it could impact the performance.